Introducing Mirror

Allow me to introduce my latest project, Mirror. Mirror is a reflection library for Java designed to take advantage of the streams, lambdas, and optionals introduced in Java 8.

Introducing RTFM

RTFM is the brand new website that will contain the documentation for all of my projects, currently it only contains documentation for MC mods. Like this website, it is hosted on GitHub using GitHub pages.

1.9.4 Porting Spree

Now that Forge for 1.9.4 is out, I’ve begun the log and arduous process of porting my mods to 1.9.4 (if by long and arduous, you mean short and trivial).

Hello, World!

Hello, again, world! Welcome to the third iteration of my website. Originally my site was hosted on GitHub pages and only available at I wrote a couple of tutorials on using Forge to mod 1.6.4, but never really finished anything other than super basic setup/recipes. Later, after I got, I decided to set up a propper website using WordPress. I copied over all of the old tutorials from my old GitHub pages site, but never really did anything else with it. After my website being offline for almost a year, I’ve finally decided to switch back to GitHub for the simplicity (also I <3 Jekyll). Using Jekyll, I’ve got a structure in place that I can use to easily publish tutorials in a structured format. There is one tutorial series that I’m currently writing and that is Forge Mods in 1.9, and hopefully more series will follow.