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Portable Identity for ActivityPub

Bluesky has been making waves recently, both on its own merits and how it contrasts implementation-wise with ActivityPub/the fedivese. There are a bunch of ways it differs from other implementations of decentralized social media, but there’s one in particular I want to focus on: portable identity. The idea that I should be able to take all of my data, everything that my identity consists of, and move wholesale to a new instance/server/PDS/whatever you call it. Bluesky permits this[1]. Mastodon and most (all?) other ActivityPub implementations do not. But that doesn’t have to be the case, nothing about ActivityPub—architecturally speaking—is incompatible with this vision.

ActivityPub Resources

This isn’t really going to be a blog most, but more of a collection of tidbits and resources I found helpful in implenting the ActivityPub integration for the new version of my blog.

This post was last updated on Mar 7, 2023.


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