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Run LWJGL 2 Natively on Apple Silicon

Running Minecraft 1.13 and later natively on Apple Silicon Macs isn’t terribly complicated. Since those versions use LWJGL 3 which includes arm64 macOS as a supported platform, you can just download the appropriate version, replace the LWJGL version info in MultiMC, and you’re off to the races. The end of maintenance for LWJGL 2, however, long predates the ARM transition and so getting Minecraft versions prior to 1.13 up and running requries a bit more work.

Kotlin and Minecraft Forge

So, you wanna use Kotlin in your Forge mod? Well there’s good news, I’ve just released Forgelin, a fork of Emberwalker’s Forgelin, a library that provides utilities for using Kotlin with Minecraft/Forge.

Forgelin provides a Kotlin langauge adapter that allows your main-mod class to be a object. In order to use the language adapter, you must specify the modLanguageAdapter property in your @Mod annotation to be net.shadowfacts.forgelin.KotlinAdapter.

Forge Modding Tutorials for 1.10.2

The Forge modding tutorials have all the been updated to MC 1.10.2 as has the GitHub repo.

Introducing RTFM

RTFM is the brand new website that will contain the documentation for all of my projects, currently it only contains documentation for MC mods. Like this website, it is hosted on GitHub using GitHub pages.

1.9.4 Porting Spree

Now that Forge for 1.9.4 is out, I’ve begun the log and arduous process of porting my mods to 1.9.4 (if by long and arduous, you mean short and trivial).