Doctor Who (2023–)

Last updated: Jun 28th, 2024



i’m sorry, the talking babies are deeply disconcerting

RTD is back and the doctor is once again the last of the time lords

the snot monster is… a choice

alright, so they’re clearly gonna go back and see Ruby’s mother

this was an okay episode. not great, not terrible. I really like both Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson so far. I am cautiously optimistic about the rest of the season and hopefully less ridiculous plots



“I thought that was non-diegetic”

if they couldn’t afford to license any beatles music (i guess not even that disney money is enough), then why did they go back in time to see the beatles?

this was a good episode. it was silly and fun without being so absurd that you can’t suspend your disbelief (like the last one)

although that last musical number was not great. that sorta thing really only works when the song is, uh, good



This was a very good episode. Gatwa and Gibson did not do the best job at the more serious parts of the episode, but overall I really enjoyed it.



I like that we’re seeing Ruby on her own. I feel like it doesn’t often happen, but when it does it’s interesting.

I found Roger ap Gwilliam too funny to be scary—this guy has made his whole personality about one thing and that thing is nukes. lmao

Not sure how I feel about the ending—I would have liked a little bit more of an explanation—but overall I really enjoyed that episode.



this is the future of apple vision pro

all the names in this episode are hilarious

poor ricky september

oh no, they’ve rescued a city of racist xenophobes



I have never seen Bridgerton, so I can only assume the reason we’re getting orchestral Bad Guy is because that’s what would happen on Bridgerton

“Your birdiness”

this was a fun episode. not much else to say. I enjoy the monster of the week formula



I was really hoping Harriet was somehow going to be Harriet Jones, Prime Minister (we know she is)

I have never even seen classic Doctor Who and don’t know who Sutekh is, but that was an incredible reveal

this was a fantastic episode



the smart gloves and smart rope were… sure, whatever, I’ll accept it. far from the most ridiculous thing doctor who has ever done

but no one else is there, why would ruby’s mom point dramatically at a street sign

This episode was pretty good, though I think I enjoyed the suspense of the previous episode much more.

I hope that this isn’t the end for Ruby/Millie Gibson, I thought she was a good companion

Season 1 Conclusion


This season was very good, with the exception of a couple episodes.

Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson were both great. Russell Davies seems like he’s still got it (the second part of a two-parter being somewhat disappointing is nothing new; see, e.g., The Sound of Drums vs. Last of the Time Lords).

And I am once again disappointed that Jodie Whittaker’s seasons didn’t have better writing