Last updated: Jan 1st, 2022



’twas good, particularly the first ~20 minutes with the brothers

not much actually happened for the remainder, but it was interesting nonetheless

also, the foundation’s been there for like 30 years, and they’re still arguing about what type of clock to save?



Lee Pace is a very good actor. He’s good at playing multiple versions of Day as different characters. As is the guy who plays Dusk.

This show is at once very dramatic and a very slow burn.



good god, that fight scene was impossible to see. it was almost pitch black and both people were wearing black head to toe

Storm Trooper School of Marksmanship

so the empire’s got energy shields, but not on their ships? uh ok

all that said, I found it very entertaining



not just politics, now religious politics too

landing your ships on the (very) geologically area is a galaxy brain move

I like the gardener

Lee Pace remains great, and whoever plays (the current) Dawn is also good

this episode continues the pattern of being entertaining, but not particularly interesting



I continue to find the story on Trantor with the emperors much more compelling than the bits on the Death Star. A big factor in that is probably Lee Pace.



How is taking the Invictus back to Terminus going to help?

impressive design how the entire heat transfer system can be taken offline just by smashing one pane of glass

and it looked like Hari’s ship exploded as Gaal left? that really was a load bearing glass panel

jacking this unknown, ancient computer into your brain seems like the stupidest possible option

the whole arc with Empire and Zephyr Halima was very good

not much happened with the Salvor plot line, but overall this episode was very good

also apparently this episode was directed by Roxann Dawson? neat



Roxann Dawson again!

maybe Salvor should tie up the Anacreons before doing anything else? just a thought, they have shown a propensity for kicking her ass

oh, this isn’t going to end well for Brother Dawn

that does not seem like a worthwhile trade.

salvor hardin more like savior-complex hardin

why would you tell her who the ship is slaved to? she was obviously going to kill the extraneous one

that was not the direction I was expecting the Brother Dawn storyline to take. the Cleons side of the plot remains my favorite

Farrah with one fighter/ship/thingy to their two and one person to their twenty just shows up and magically gets the upper hand? like, any of the the Thespins could have just shot her

this episode was a bit deus ex machina, but I enjoyed it

Season 1 Conclusion


I did watch the finale at some point; honestly I don’t remember it.

The stuff on Trantor with the Brothers Empire was by far the best. The rest of the show, featuring not one but two magical saviors, was… not great.