Last updated: Jun 30th, 2023



i didn’t realize rashida jones was in this

this show looks fantastic

the first episode was very good, i’m excited for the rest of the show



no one knows what a pez dispenser is, lmao

so the rebellion not only destroyed all written records, but also somehow completely stopped the passing on of oral history?

Rebecca Ferguson and David Oyelowo are both great

i don’t have much to say, this was another very good episode



pretty sure i own that water bottle

i like that we’re getting the first glimpse of how powerful IT/judicial is—my vague recollection of the book is of IT being even more so

putting the shutoff valve in between the pressure relief tank and the pipe seems like bad design. also, what’s producing the steam and couldn’t they shut that off? or like, any way of bypassing the generator and venting the steam out wherever it usually goes?

ooh, wonder if that girl noticed the fake lush greenery

how is there no one better qualified than the clearly out of his depth kid?

or they could have taken out symmetrical blades to remove the imbalance and restarted it while they repaired the others. clearly this is written like this to force juliet to deal with her fear of water, but still

those gripes aside, this was a good episode—the tension of the generator maintenance was very well done



how on earth do they still have coffee

who the hell is that

i have no further commentary. this was a very good episode, i continue to really enjoy this show



boy, bernard is a really terrible speaker

is the magnification thing to stop them from developing more advanced technology, or to stop them finding out about something? and other questions i might know the answer to if i remembered the book

the pez dispenser is back, lmfao



So who’s the shadowy man? My money’s on Bernard; in the book he comes off way more powerful

i keep having no commentary, this show is just very good



an etch-a-sketch, lmao

the full might of IT^Wjanitorial

or could bernard just be faking the whole “i trust you jules, i’m on your side” routine



This show is getting stressful.

Ooh, we finally get evil Bernard!

She’s clearly not going to fall to her death. There’s definitely one of the landings right below her.

This episode was very tense and very well done. The whole adaptation has been really well executed.



is bernard’s table at the pancake house ready

Juliet don’t sit with your back to her

how’s she just getting through the security checkpoints now

Another fantastic episode. This show is really good at building up tension. Might be my second favorite Apple TV+ show after Severance.



“Shut your eyes!” lmao like that’s gonna help bernard

don’t take the plea bargain jules

They’re good in supply! (wasn’t the whole heat tape thing way more explicit in the book?)

Oh no jules you shouldn’t have told him about the door

Season 1 Conclusion


This show was fantastically well done, I eagerly await the next season. In the meantime, I think I’m going to reread the books.

All of the acting was good, and Rebecca Ferguson in particular was great. The writing and adaptation from the book was good (I think, it’s been ages since I read the books). It was not action-packed, but it moved along at a fairly steady clip. The visuals were good, and the soundtrack was fantastic. There is, at this moment, not a thing I would change about this season.