Comments Powered by GitHub

After seeing this article the other morning about replacing the Disqus comments on a blog powered by a static site generator (like this one) with comments backed by a GitHub issue and some front-end JavaScript to load and display them, I thought it would be fun to implement something similar. First I only built the code for displaying comments, similar to the aforementioned article, but I decided to take it one step further by allowing users to submit comments directly from my site.

The Pretty Good Minor Update

It’s been about six months since the last time I redesigned the site, and while I didn’t want to redesign it yet again, I felt it could use a little update to make sure everything’s still good.

The Great Redesign

Welcome to the fourth iteration of my website. I’m still using Jekyll, however I’ve rewritten most of the styles from scratch. This theme is based on the Hacker theme for Hexo which is turn based on the Hacker WordPress theme but it has some notable differences.