Building a JavaScript-Free Slide-Over Menu

Slide-over menus on the web are a pretty common design pattern, especially on mobile. Unfortunately, they seem to generally be accompanied by massive, bloated web apps pulling in megabytes of JavaScript for the simplest of functionality. But fear not, even if you’re building a JavaScript-free web app, or simply prefer to fail gracefully in the event the user has disabled JavaScript, it’s still possible to use this technique by (ab)using HTML form and label elements.

Learning Elixir

About a year ago, I set out to learn the Elixir programming language. At the time, it was mainly so I could contribute to Pleroma, but I’ve since fallen in love with the language.


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A wise man once said that nothing really dies, it just comes back in a new form. Then he died.

Stand by for reincarnation.

Welcome to the Version Four of my website. Quite a bit has changed, so let’s go over it.

Comments Powered by GitHub

NOTE: This article has been superseded by the ActivityPub comments system.

After seeing this article the other morning about replacing the Disqus comments on a blog powered by a static site generator (like this one) with comments backed by a GitHub issue and some front-end JavaScript to load and display them, I thought it would be fun to implement something similar. First I only built the code for displaying comments, similar to the aforementioned article, but I decided to take it one step further by allowing users to submit comments directly from my site.